DLD Website Care and Feeding

Care and Feeding of the DLD WordPress Site

Hi! Thanks for helping with Dana Lawton Dances’ WordPress-powered website. This document should help you learn how to keep it up to date. Lawton Feb 2015-19

Getting Around Dana’s Site

Logging In

Dana’s homepage is located at:

The admin panel where we all login is:

Alternately, you can also use the WordPress mobile app for iOS or Android.


The two main places where Dana’s content should land is either in Pages or Posts.


Pages are best for static information that is always up to date, like her Bio, Artists, Music, and Donate pages. There should be a small number of pages (5–10), each with a clear focus on one type of information.


Posts (or “Blog Posts”) are great for timely updates like news, upcoming performances, fundraising campaigns, photo uploads, videos, music, or even social updates can be added as posts, and then categorized by their content (photo, video, upcoming performances) so they can be automatically placed where they belong in the website’s layout! (Yes, it’s that smart!)


Dana’s site uses the EasyDigitalDownloads plugin, which adds the “Downloads” content type to Dana’s site.

Theme: ShoeStrap by Press.Codes

The site uses a powerful theme called Shoestrap by Press.Codes, giving it a deep options menu where you can make many changes from the ShoeStrap menu. Ted should make most changes this menu offers, but I just wanted there to be a record of how to find it.

Content Strategy: Keeping Things Updated

Why use Posts?

Better Search Results

Blog posts actually have a very important role in increasing your Google search ranking, which rewards sites that frequently post relevant content. By making sure that all DLD videos, photos, and notable news items have a corresponding blog post, we position the website at the center of your internet presence.

Posts can Feed Out to Social Media

We can set it up so that every time you publish a post, it can automatically update Dana’s Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, Instagram, etc. etc. etc. This is a great way to work because you can reach several audiences with a few posts, and all the “master copies” of your photos and text live on your site, not out on 3rd party social media sites. You can read more about this idea in depth: POSSE: Why Your Blog Should Be the Center of Your Digital Life.

So all media assets live in the website’s cloud storage

Your WordPress site comes with free website cloud storage included. You can use that space to store as many photo files as you want, whether or not they’re “live” on the website.